Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday. Merci.

Merci. An amazing new concept store in Paris.  I was lucky enough to visit the shop close to its opening in March, and even meet with one of the owners.  (perks of FIDM study tours)  This store has a bit of everything clothing, furniture, interior design products, fabric, kitchen accessories, a small cafe, used book store and flower shop.  Here are some of my pictures taken in my favorite store Merci.

Above. The ladder display is changed every few weeks to a new loft style design.  The display can be seen from the basement floor to the 3rd floor.  Wall of chairs and a small vintage desk display. 

Above.  A special children's room houses the fun displays shown here.  I especially love the twisted wire mannequins and the sweet wall paper. 

Above.  Some of their little kitchen accessories.  Sustainable paper plates and untencils.  A reusable bag display on vintage gym lockers.  

Gorgeous fabric, you litterally feel the need to make something immidiately after gaining inspriation from the store.

Above. The used/vintage book store featuring some really cool french literature, I couldn't resist from buying a book for a friend.  Right. Flower shop...... hey everyone needs books and flowers!


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