Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today I fancy florals.

June gloom has taken over San Diego and I am in some serious need of a color besides grey in my life. Perhaps a visit to the Botanical Gardens in Balboa Park? Hmmmm or I could find some pretty floral inspired pieces on Etsy.  

Flora shirts by Eliza+Axel.  Great soft architectural details. 

Floral neck pieces by Twig&Honey.  My dog will be in my wedding and will be wearing that beautiful collar, and I will wear the necklace.  


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  2. Your dog is so beautiful (Husky or Malamute?) and must be very well trained if she/he will be in your wedding!
    I have a Malamute and she is a model for the homewares brand I work for
    I would love to have my dogs in my wedding in those beautiful floral neck pieces, but sadly they wouldn't last.

  3. Thats not acutally my dog, it a pic from the Twig&Honey shop I featured. But I do have a little malti-poo who is not veyr wel trained but im hoping he will shape up by the time i get married