Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Etsy Model of the Week/ Leanne Marshall

This "model of the week" is special because not only do I admire the model but I greatly admire the designer.  I am so happy that Project Runway winner/ FIDM grad Leanne Marshall has put some of her new designers in her Etsy shop.  Leanne had her Etsy shop before her Runway days.  Helene wedding dress
I really love the pose and overall demeanor of this model.  Even though she is sitting among a pile of newspapers she still has a very romantic look.  And.... I would really love to have that wedding dress, the neckline is really sweet.  

Mae Dress
I'm loving the exposed zipper in the front and the pleating down the sides.  Exposed zippers are gonna be big this fall!

Mae Dress size 8

P.S.  I was lucky enough to see Leanne Marshall's winning Project Runway collection at the FIDM (fashion institute of design and merchandising) debut fashion show.  The collection was even more amazing in person.  The architectural details are really fantastic.  Here are some of my pics. (they were the best i could do for the seats that i had)

I'm sure some of you saw the wedding dress of this collection, it is my dream dress.  I was too busy sitting with my mouth wide open then taking pics of it.  

This season of Project Runway starts on August 20th on Lifetime.  Not only is there a network change but this season was filmed at FIDM LA.  Yay for FIDM 


  1. When were you at this show? I totally don't remember it/am forgetting you telling me all abot it! You are so lucky!

  2. It was back in April I think, it is the FIDM debut show so all the graduating advanced fashion deisgn students show there collections. you can watch it on