Friday, July 10, 2009

K & K.

K & K is a new post that is not related to Etsy, however  K & K are my most stylish friends.  Yes, I go to a fashion school and I get great inspiration by all the amazing outfits that I see, but no one gives me as much inspiration as K & K.  
Now, some background, we are high school friends from a small town where Balenciaga and American Eagle are comparable, and the "it" accessory is a monogrammed Dooney and Burke hand bag which everyone and their mom had...except us.  Anytime the 3 of us got together all we could talk about was fashion, which turned into friendship.  

So, this post is a tiny interview with K (the brunette). 

If you could pick something splurge on right now what would it be?
Ill go with what I recently have wanted which is a really great bra. i know that sounds weird but lately i have come to realize how important they are. Like if you have boobs (i do) you need a diverse set of bras to accomodate any sort of shirt/dress. so if i could splurge on a bra that would work out when i just wear a t-shirt or when im all dressed up, my life would be a little more complete. 

If you could choose a piece of clothing that what you currently own to have for the rest of your life it would be...
my jean shorts that i cut myself because they are irreplaceable and the thought of losing them right now would make me really sad! now i just thought of a million things i have that i really love! hard question

Who do you look for for fashion inspiration?
Cory Kennedy
People I see on Cobra Snake