Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a common thread...

Every time  I find a new shop. I look at their location... just curious I suppose.  I am noticing more and more that many of my favorite Etsy shops are located in New York City, or more specifically the home of Etsy, Brooklyn.  Of course, A Common Thread, is located in Brooklyn.  
crystal multi-chain bib necklace
multi-chain necklace
beige ruffled crochet collar bib necklace
ruffled crochet collar bib necklace
fools gold pyrite statement earrings
fools gold pyrite earrings.  


  1. awww...thanks so much for featuring me! brooklyn is a pretty inspiring place to live -- plus you get to visit etsy!

  2. I have family in brooklyn, and I love it! I am moving to NYC this summer so I am debating on where to live... most likely brooklyn : )