Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fashionable Fourth

It's my first summer back on the East Coast for the 4th of July and I could not be more excited.  I've never been in NYC for the holiday so let me know if you have special spot around the city for the day.  For now I'm spending my weekend with family and friends going to museums, shopping and going out for brunch daily.  My idea of the perfect weekend!  How are you spending your 4th?  

Vintag Navy Blue Blazer with golden buttons S
Vintage Blazer by Tiny Vintage Wardrobe

Stars and Stripes Mix Paper Straws with DIY Flags - Red, White and Blue (24)
Mix Paper Straws by Sweet Estelle

Crab screen print with watercolor, red and aqua
Crab Print by Candy and Oysters

the past is like an anchor - old school type poster
The Past is Like and Anchor by Dear Colleen 

Patriotic friendship bracelet double red white blue stars and stripes US flag (Made to order)
Friendship Bracelet by Trois Pommes Vertes

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