Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall In Love With Neon

Fall has arrived in the city and today marked the first day wear I really noticed people leaving their bright colors behind and opting for New York City's cold-weather uniform of head-to-toe black.  I'm not going to deny it, I too adopt that uniform when the sky is that certain shade of grey and I feel completely uninspired with the contents of my closet.  Speaking of inspiration, I had an obsession with neon this summer that I am happily carrying over to fall with the help of Etsy seller, Spike the Punch.  I love these necklaces because they pack a lot o' punch (pun intended), with out breaking the bank.  I'm planning on using them to dress up basic tees and chunky-knit sweaters--my go-to tops for fall.  How will you wear them?
Neon Purple and Neon Yellow Hand-painted Crystal Necklace

Periwinkle and Purple Hand-painted Crystal NecklaceNeon Pink and Periwinkle Hand-painted Crystal Necklace

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