Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pastel Play

Even though I change my bag and shoes on a regular day-to-day basis I am a stickler when it comes to my jewelry.  Most of my jewelry is very meaningful to me, like the rings and earrings I wear everyday that are gifts from family members.  It has to take something pretty amazing for me to consider purchasing a new pair of earring so I was thrilled to find some fun summer alternatives from Hash and Chez
Small Hollow Shield Earrings - Recycled Wood

Pyramid Stud Earrings - Pink, Yellow & Grey
Robo Stud Earrings - Sky Blue & Natural


  1. Love all of these, and they're so inexpensive! I did not expect prices of $9-$12 per pair....would have expected $18-$26-ish. More great finds, Leigh!

  2. The first earrings are gorgeous. Are they just lasercut wood or something?