Monday, May 11, 2009

Eyes for Ivory

Today while getting dressed, I noticed a total lack of one color in my wardrobe. Ivory. Don't get me wrong I have white, cream and every other color in between but not ivory. A perfect color for all year long! What was I thinking? You don't have to wait unitl your wedding to wear this color! So, after some always enjoyable searching on Etsy I found my Ivory dream peice.

Its a Silk Taffeta Ruffled Bolero by The English Dept.

How classy. I can think of so many occasions on where I could wear this, all year long.

Here are some other great Ivory finds...

From Right: Light Brown Tree Silhouette clutch by Shakuyaku.

Sevens. Milk. necklace by one of my favorite jewelry designers, Tryst.

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