Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Harem Pants- Do or Don't?

Herem Pants or "hammer" pants are back!  I can't seem to decide if I should get a pair or not? Some of them are pretty cool looking!!  But they could be hard to pull off...Hmmm.  What are you thoughts? Comment.  Either way, here are some Herem pants I found on Etsy. 

This outfit is really well put together which ultimately makes the pants look great!!  These are Harem Jodphur Leggings from BabooshkaBoutique.  This Etsy sellers really has
 some amazing pieces in her shop!

I think I'm in love...

Gray Herem Pants by Los Angeles based designer and fellow FIDM student, Foxlor.  Check out her shop for other great items including a great collection of vintage scarves! 

So... what I learned about Herem pants is that if they are carefully styled with other great pieces they can definitely be a style DO!

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