Wednesday, April 21, 2010

in my home...

Every time I think of my upcoming move to NYC, I imagine my small but charming apartment.  Decorating my space, or any space makes my heart warm.  These are some great things I have on my mind for my future home...
Chair set wall sticker, decal by itstics
Chair wall decal from istics
Stella Wardrobe
Stella Wardrobe by ModPieces
Spring Fling. Collage print
Spring fling collage by Catwalk
P- Sack. Small Porcelain Vessel. Design by Wapa Studio
Porcelain Vessel by Wapa
Mini Goals Chalkboard - After Tea Time - Light Blue
Mini goals chalkboard by MaryKateMcDevitt
Single Medium Happy Reusable Vegetable Bags in Green
Happy reusable vegetable bags from WonderThunder.

I could upload a million things that I want, but I tried to narrow it down to my favorites.....I can't help it if all I want is everything.

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