Monday, June 28, 2010

Fedora Freak

My favorite summer accessory thus far has been my Fedora from Forever 21.  I got it because my grandpa used to wear one, and I always thought he looked so classy.    It's light camel colored straw with a vintage inspired blue ribbon tied around the head.  I have worn it 3 times this week already, and it's not even sunny in San Diego!  But, fear not, I have found a fabulous vintage inspired millinery shop on Etsy. Enjoy
Hand Blocked Straw Boater Style Hat with Tri-Color Ribbon trim

Hand-Blocked Yellow Ochre Women's Felt Hat with Satin Striped Trim

Marroon Open-Weave Straw Cowboy Hat with Western Beaded Trim


  1. Oh how I love the fedora....jsut not sure if I could pull it off.
    Lovely choices!

  2. Anna-Honestly, it's the only style of hat that suits me. Lots of stores now have them so grab some and try it out! You may be surprised : )

  3. I love hats! All of the above selections are fabulous.