Friday, July 9, 2010

Hello, from...

Well, I am officially no longer a California resident!  Over the last week we have packing our tiny apartment into 20 moving boxes, drove our dog to L.A to fly on Pet Airlines, and welcomed my parents to San Diego for the last time.  Yesterday, we finally left.  R flew back to Maryland, while my parents and I decided to drive back. 
Yesterday we drove about 400 beautiful miles, literally stunning scenery.  We drove through mountains, huge rock piles, sand dunes and plateaus, and witnessed the most colorful sunset over Arizona.

So, Hello from Tucson. I am sitting on the floor of my Tucson hotel room, with my trusty camera and USB cord.  This week, I'll hope you'll enjoy my posts as I drive cross country!

1 comment:

  1. Great pictures! Your camera is amazing. Heart the Mini! Be safe; can't wait to see you soon!