Monday, February 28, 2011

tech dilemma.

I got an iPad in November and have already bought 3 cases for it.  Yes, I know it seems ridiculous but they all have different special features.  Oh, and they're all black (no surprise there).  My biggest complaint about all of them is that they are all so big.  Think about it, you buy an iPad because it's so thin and sleek, you cherish its every flick and quickly fall in love so you're bundle it up in three inches of leather.  Totally disappointing to realize your iPad needs to go on a diet and shed some inches.  So, of course, I ventured onto Etsy (where else?) and found the best little iPad case shop ever!  Here are my favorite of the bunch.  Which one do you like best?  Please help me pick a new case so my iPad can be restored to its former modelesque physique. 

Leather iPad / kindle dx case - Scandinavian style

Leather iPad case- Sparrow/Leaf

Leather iPad case - Wood design


  1. definitely the first one...i wish i will have an I-pad some day :)

  2. I would pick the first one...birds are OK..but the first one shown is really nice.

    The wood look is OK too...for an office setting mayabe ...or when you are hanging out in a log cabin. :)

  3. The first one is beautiful and really interesting! I am over birds and faux bois :) Love origami shapes!

  4. I picked out that first one as a Christmas present for my dad. I have one of their i-phone cases as well - really chuffed with it. Definitely worth the purchase.